Year R

Welcome to Year R

During Year R our pupils learn through a creative, play based curriculum which encompasses teacher directed and child initiated tasks.  We will be teaching the children to become independent learners who are able to reflect on what they have learnt and identify ways to move their learning forward. Children have the opportunity to guide their own learning in the afternoons where they have access to a stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors. During this time teachers will observe children practising and consolidating previously learnt skills and encourage them to find ways to overcome any problems they come across. 

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Year R Events & Learning


Nursery Rhymes

The children have enjoyed learning lots of Nursery Rhymes and exploring the small world dinosaurs. We read a story about a crocodile that escaped from a book so the children decided to build a trap to catch him. They also made posters to help Little Bo Peep find her sheep before the crocodile did! The interest of the crocodile stemmed from the children’s interest and curiosity which sparked some fabulous learning.

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We're going on a Bear Hunt

On Tuesday 20th February our Year R children travelled down to Central Hall in St. Mary’s, Southampton to listen to and watch an orchestral performance of We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.

We had a great time listening to all the different instruments of the orchestra including flutes, oboes, drums, cellos, violins and trombones and a tuba.

We also heard a medley of ‘Frozen’ songs and the ‘Pirates Of The Carribean’ theme.

The best part was definitely the Bear Hunt as it got very exciting when the bear made an actual appearance!

Year R will be using instruments at school over the next three weeks to create their own musical versions of the story.


Wish you were here topic

During our ‘Wish You Were Here’ topic the children in Year R dressed as the colours from a flag or in their National Dress. It was lovely seeing the children talking so confidently about the clothes they were wearing and the history behind their clothes.  One child wore a beautiful outfit from Poland that belonged to her Mum when she was little!  One parent kindly came in dressed in traditional Indian clothes. She talked to the children about the clothes that Indian women wear and then explained that the outfit her son was wearing is what boys in India would wear to celebrations and parties.

The children have been learning about food from around the world. In the morning they made pizzas and then tasted foods from around the world.  Some children then chose to complete a survey using tallies to find out the classes favourite and least favourite food.  Scones and jam came out as the favourite and feta cheese the least favourite.

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