Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

The focus of Year One is to continue to build on the fantastic building blocks of learning they acquire over their year in Year R. The beginning of Year One reflects the learning layout of Year R to ensure the children have a smooth transition over this time. Our learning is cross curricular so children get the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they have learnt through Year R and One. We work hard to develop positive learning attitudes so the children have a ‘can do’ attitude about any challenge they are faced with and have the passion for learning in all areas of the curriculum! 

For more information, please see the document below "Year 1 overview 2018-2019" or alternatively click on the following link which will take you to the national curriculum as this is the curriculum we follow:-


Year 1 Events & Learning


Daily Mile

Year 1 have been particularly enjoying taking part in our daily mile this week as we’ve had such lovely Autumn weather! Hollybrook Infant School is working towards achieving a healthy school award over the next year. As a healthy school we take part in a daily mile to keep fit and healthy. We try our best to do our daily mile four times a week and we enjoy walking, jogging or running in our playground for a mile if we can! It gives us a great chance to get a movement break from all our hard learning and a brain break which helps us focus much better when we go back into our classrooms. It’s great for our minds and bodies! 

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Trip to Blue Reef Aquarium

On Tuesday 6th March Year 1 went on a school trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth. We had a great time looking at all the different species of fish and we even got to touch a Starfish, Crab and Spider Crab – they felt very hard and bumpy!

We had a great day and now we look forward to putting all that we have learnt into our very own non-fiction book about sea creatures.

Please see the Gallery for more photos.


Dance Mats

In October, Southampton University bought in some Dance Mats for us - we had great fun trying out different rhythms and sounds on them


Autumn Walk - Deciduous and Evergreen

In Autumn 1 term we were learning all about plants and trees and took a walk around the surrounding area to find some examples of different types of plants and leaves


Nocturnal Animals

Squirrel and Rabbits classes recently proudly performed their nocturnal animal dances to their parents. They looked amazing in their super animal costumes and masks!

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