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01 Feb 2019

Snow at School

The children in Yr R made the most of the snow today and made a SnowPrincess and a Snow Pirate.

14 Jan 2019

Year 2 singing at Sunrise Senior Living

Just before the end of term our Year 2 children visited a local retirement home, ‘Sunrise Senior Living’. We sang our Christmas songs to the residents from our school performance of ‘Children Of The World’. Please look at the gallery for more photos. Thank you

12 Dec 2018

Award for Christmas Tree Decorations

We are extremely proud to announce that we received a Highly Commended award for the decorations on our Christmas tree at the Winter Wonderland at the Civic Centre! We received a £25 Amazon voucher to be shared with the Junior School, which we intend to speand on books. Thank you to all the children who sent in decorations and a huge well done to you all!!

05 Dec 2018

Winter Wonderland

The children have been busy making Christmas decorations for our tree at Winter Wonderland which is in the Civic Centre in Southampton. Please see the gallery for more photos. 

14 Nov 2018

Year 1 daily mile

Year 1 have been particularly enjoying taking part in our daily mile this week as we’ve had such lovely Autumn weather! Hollybrook Infant School is working towards achieving a healthy school award over the next year. As a healthy school we take part in a daily mile to keep fit and healthy. We try our best to do our daily mile four times a week and we enjoy walking, jogging or running in our playground for a mile if we can! It gives us a great chance to get a movement break from all our hard learning and a brain break which helps us focus much better when we go back into our classrooms. It’s great for our minds and bodies! 

Please see the gallery for more photos

17 Oct 2018

Year R - Nursery rhymes and dinosaurs

The children have enjoyed learning lots of Nursery Rhymes and exploring the small world dinosaurs. We read a story about a crocodile that escaped from a book so the children decided to build a trap to catch him. They also made posters to help Little Bo Peep find her sheep before the crocodile did! The interest of the crocodile stemmed from the children’s interest and curiosity which sparked some fabulous learning.

Please look at the gallery for or photos

15 Oct 2018

Healthy Schools Day - Dirty Bertie

Year 2 recently spent time cleaning up after Dirty Bertie as part of our Healthy Schools Day and then wrote a letter to him advising him how to stay clean. Please see the gallery for more photos.

10 Oct 2018

Mrs Banting bringing in her brass instruments

On Wednesday, Mrs Banting came in to the school to show her brass instruments to Year 1. She played the instruments and some of the children helped her to play the trombone! Many thanks to Mrs Banting for coming in. Please see more photos in the gallery.

09 Oct 2018

Year 1 trip to Tudor House

Year 1 recently went on a fabulous trip to The Tudor House in Southampton to start their new topic. Lots of photos were taken which you will find in the gallery.

09 Oct 2018


As part of their recent topic, Year 2 made their own lighthouses. Please see the gallery for photos of the brilliant work they have done.