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Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors are voted in by the children in each class at the start of the academic year. Throughout the year they carry out certain jobs within the school to make us more economical and may also tackle issues that need particular attention.

Eco Warrior Information

There are currently no Eco Warrior documents to view

Eco Warrior News

Spring Term 2017

We have still been busy collecting the left over fruit and vegetables for the compost bins.

We have also decided to register for the RSPB schools birdwatch and will be getting together to watch the birds that are around school and count how many of each species we see. As part of this project we will be making our own bird feeders to put out and hopefully attract a variety of birds as well as helping them through the cooler weather.

When the weather gets warmer we will be looking to tidy the garden area next to the pond in preparation for growing plants and vegetables. We would be really grateful for any parents who could come in and help for an afternoon. If you can, please let Ms Eaglen (Hedgehog Class) know.

Thank you for your support

Eco Warriors


This year the Eco warriors have been continuing to encourage composting in the classrooms and putting the waste into the compost bins outside. We have had to have a break for a while now because our lovely ducks have decided to build a nest and lay eggs near the pond. They were at one point in the compost heap! However now mother duck has laid her eggs and we want to give her some space . Once the ducklings arrive hopefully we can carefully start composting again. We will keep you updated as to their progress.

Meanwhile we have been busy sorting the milk bottle lids for recycling and reminding classes to turn off lights and save electricity.

On April 22nd we are having a special Earth Day and we will be planting throughout the school and hopefully improving the school environment and encouraging the bees. During the day the children will be learning about plants and what they need to grow. We are looking forward to seeing the results in the summer.


New Eco Warriors

We are the new Eco Warriors.  Our job is to make sure the compost bins are emptied twice a week.  We have also made signs to remind people to turn the lights off when they leave the classroom.